Niantic’s been relatively quite in regards to actual updates regarding the popular iOS and Android app Pokémon GO.  On October 24th, Niantic finally opened up in regards to the holiday season!  The Pokémon Halloween event has begun!

Starting 10/26 (although many users saw the game update implemented the evening before), Pokémon GO is celebrating Halloween with some epic updates! Trainers will see their hometowns all but transformed into Lavender Town with an increase of Ghastlys, Haunters, Gengars, Cubones, Marrowaks, and more!  Not only are these Pokémon more readily available for catching, they also come with double the candy when caught AND transferred to Professor Willow!  That’s 6 candies every time you catch a Ghastly and 2 candies when you crush your Weedles!

Not only is there an increase in ghost-types, but your Buddy is also getting a celebratory boost! The Pokémon that you assign as your “buddy” to “walk” with you now takes half the distance in order to generate a candy!  That means Charmanders are .75km, Dratinis are 1.25km, and you’ll finally be able to get that Gyrados since Magikarps take only .25km to obtain a candy!


With the good does come bad.  Niantic is well aware of an issue with the update effecting Pokémon GO Plus users.  The plus is a device retailing for $34.99USD that assists trainers in catching Pokémon and hitting the PokéStops while on the go, but, more importantly, allows the game to play in the background making it significantly more reliable when tracking distance for your PokéBuddy.  Users are reporting that the Plus isn’t working at all.  The Plus is connecting to the game, but is not alerting players of nearby catchable Pokémon.  Niantic has posted that, “Trainers may experience issues with Pokémon GO Plus. We’re aware and are working on a fix. Stand by for an update.”

The game is still entirely playable without the plus, so lace up those kicks and explore your town!  This event ends November 1st, so catch’m while you can!