Are you still playing Pokémon GO? Good! Because I am too!

pokemon go pidgeyThis week my quest for eggs, balls, and new Pokémon was significantly slower than previous adventures.  Plagued with final exams approaching, most of my time was spent huddled over a cup of Starbucks iced coffee and hundreds of note cards trying to memorize kanji.  Oh, did I mention that it takes 30 minutes just to drive out to this particular Starbucks? There’s no discounts, no fancy chocolate-dipped-fruit menu, and it’s truly unremarkable compared with other Starbucks. So, what makes this one so special?

There’s a gorram PokéStop next door that I can access every 5 minutes from the comfort of my table.

That is legitimate dedication to the gamer lifestyle; not to mention, there is a wonderful, quaint little park right across the street with several PokéStops and gyms! During the lunch hour, there are food tents and art displays, so it’s incredibly appealing to hang out there once I’ve finished studying!  My routine typically consists of 3 solid hours dedicated to my studies (foreign language is difficult, but fun!) and then 30 minutes walking around the park, taking over gyms, and collecting as many Pokéballs as I can before making the 30 minute trek back home.pokemon-go-jogger-achievement

The Trouble With Eggs

Despite having walked over 50 miles since the launch of Pokémon GO, the numbers are a bit off. The tracking system Niantic uses to calculate distance traveled while on foot remains frustratingly inaccurate. I know I’ve walked more, but if my phone is in my pocket and crashes, there’s not telling how many kilometers were never tracked to begin with.

This makes egg hatching even more frustrating.  More times than not I’ve intentionally walked the full 5k from the moment an egg was placed into the incubator and had to walk an additional 1-2km just for it to hatch. My stubby little legs can only take so much!  Overall, I’ve hatched 37 eggs with my greatest mystery hatch being a 1k CP Lapras. Everything else has been, well, disappointing.  At least 5 of my 10k eggs are Eevees, and not even good Eevees.

Still, Pokémon GO remains a viable form of motivation for gamers wanting to get up and move.  Walking around the park is fun, exploring new landmarks is fun, discovering new places to eat because they’re near/on a PokéStop is fun. Despite the glitches, crashes, and weak updates, the game remains fun.

Now, for those reading this, I’m sure you want to know if any of this walking is doing anything.  The short answer is: yes. In my next post, I’ll discuss starting statistics, measurements, and all those technical numbers.  For now, just know that I’ve lost 3.5ibs and have caught 73/142 Pokémon currently available in the game.

How many Pokémon have you caught so far? Leave a comment below!