Despite everything going on with the world, it feels like Christmas (in the most un-religious sense of the word). People all over are uniting under a game that inspired a generation in the 90s.  Now, a new generation of people can be inspired. Whether you’re 5 or 50, Pokémon GO is, perhaps, the greatest game to unify a nation.  Niantic and Nintendo’s game is getting gamers and non-gamers up and moving. More parks and recreational sites are being visits, local businesses are seeing an influx in consumerism where PokéStops and Gyms are; librarys, museums, memorials sites… All are benefiting from the PoGo push.  For gamers like me, this is amazing to see. I love when new people are introduced to something I’ve loved for many years. Most importantly, I love seeing families playing together.

The Family That Plays Together, Catches Them All

The other day was disgustingly warm and humid out and I was driving down to Skokie in order to find a suit for my little brother’s upcoming wedding.  Needless to say, I wasn’t that thrilled.  Being heavy set – aka fat – makes clothes shopping an incredibly uncomfortable experience.  Being a heavy set transman increases that experience exponentially.

13626390_1005644962884418_8495847473405597831_nMy mom was pretty great on the way down. Pokémon GO is a common discussion in the news and in the office of her work. She already knows I’m quite the Pokémaster in regards to all things geeky, so naturally she came to me with questions that helped take my mind off of the rapidly approaching shopping excursion.  She listened with interest as I explained the basics of the game, offering insight and opinion into why this seemingly simple game is quite revolutionary (I’ll talk about that in another article!). I even caught a Nidoran in her car!

So great was her intrigue, upon a little smirk and comment I made about an approaching gym that I could easily take over, she gets into the other lane and makes a sharp turn down a street we needn’t to turn on.  Here we are, a mother and son in their 50s and 20s, sitting in front of a massive graveyard. She takes out her reading glasses, I position the phone better, and the two of us stare at the little screen as my Hypno conquers over a Pidgeot and Raticate.  I leave a low level Parasect at the gym so someone else can take over the gym and obtain experience points and we leave to continue on with our day.

Instances like this are occurring all over the PoGo world. To say the least, I’m beyond honored to have family interested in the gaming world, something (dare I say) most families seem to be disconnected from.  My brother messages me constantly about PoGo.  He’s already an exceptionally fit person and wants to hang out or go on walks simply to catch Pokémon with me.  It’s humbling, it’s encouraging, and I’m soaking in every minute of positive spotlight on the gaming community I’ve been a member of since as long as I can remember.

Keep up the good vibes, Pokéfans! You’re doing a great job. Encourage others to inquire about the game and be patient when explaining it to those who ask. Not everyone grew up with Pokémon, but it’s never too late to enlighten friends and family about something you love.