Yesterday was far too humid to even fathom going outside. I desperately wanted to walk at least a mile, but my biggest enemy is heat. There’s just something about the inability to breath that makes me feel sick. 

What’s worse, is that it feels as though this is an excuse to not go out and move, but I assure you it is not. There were plenty of Pokémon to catch and I have a full set of eggs that need hatching! Unfortunately, the weather was not going to agree with me. 

Today, however, is still humid but cooler with a gentle breeze that makes a Chicago summer evening tolerable. I look forward to a little walk tonight!

Tomorrow will be a big day. With the bicycle repaired and supplies packed away, I’ll be embarking on the next level of my Pokémon GO fitness plan! It will be my first time exploring the bike path behind my house that winds up and around the frisbee golf course (that is still so awkward to say!). 

There are plenty of nerves firing off fear and anxiety about tomorrow’s excursion, but I’m ready. I have to be. I’m 29 going on 30 and can no longer afford to live a sedatary lifestyle.