“…. I couldn’t draw very well, but I tried my heart out anyway. I had so many stories to tell, so many creations I wanted to share with people…. It was a dream of mine, for quite literally my whole life, to write a story that other people would enjoy.” -Ash Maczko

I used to write every day. Stories and adventures of fantastical lands with colorful creatures and shining armor. I lost the will to write as a teen, due to depression, and once the depression cleared around age 22, I thought I couldn’t write as passionately again. So I stopped. Pursued a career in another passion: helping people.

 But now, I hear an old calling. The drums of a reawakened dream. 

Each passing day is a new step ascending towards my goal, my dream. I am working harder than ever before. I do not accept anything less than great and I will not let myself be defeated by insecurities. 

One day, I’ll publish a story that will inspire others just as I was inspired as a child.